Colombo, Sri Lanka’s busy commercial capital, is situated on the country’s west coast and with the population of between 800, 000 and one million (estimates vary) is by far the country’s biggest city, as well as its window on the world. Its natural harbor at the mouth of the Kelani River was a magnet for consecutive traders and conquerors - first Arab merchants, then Portuguese, Dutch and British imperialists

Galle Face Green

This long open space traditionally faced a narrow beach and the sea. It was originally cleared by the Dutch to give the cannons of Fort a clear line of fire. Today its broad spans and seaside promenade is a popular rendezvous spot.

Viharamahadevi Park

Colombo’s biggest park was formerly called Victoria Park, but was renamed in the 1950s after the mother of King Dutugemunu. It’s notable for its superb flowering trees, which bloom in March, April and early May. It has been given a major sprucing up and now boasts comfy benches walkways, landscaping and playgrounds.

Dutch Period Museum

This exclusive museum was originally the 17th-century dwelling of the Dutch governor and has since been used as a Catholic seminary, a military hospital, a police station and a post office. The mansion contains a lovely garden courtyard and has a nice faded feel since a 1977 restoration. Exhibits include Dutch colonial furniture and other artifacts.

Arcade Independence Square

Arcade Independence Square is one of super complexes and shopping outlets in Colombo. It has own foot court, restaurants and a bunch of places to buy cloths. It is the third super complex in Colombo after Dutch Hospital and Racecourse.

Gangaramaya Temple

This bustling temple complex has a library, a museum and an extraordinarily eclectic array of decorated and gilded gifts presented by devotees and well-wishers over the years .Gangaramaya is the focus of the Navam Perahera on the February poya(full moon) day each year.

National Art Gallery

The grandest thing about the National Art Gallery is its name. Next to the National Museum, it has a small collection of portraits and landscapes shown without labels or air-conditioning.


The Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall is the very first purpose built convention center in Asia. It combines the best of professional conference facilities with the once in a life time opportunity to visit an island known as the Sri Lanka.

Province  :  Western Province

District  :  Colombo District

Popular for  :  Capital of Sri Lanka, Galle Face, Commercial City

Weather  :  30 °C

Type  :  Commercial

Population   :   647,100

Area  :  37.31 km²