Province : Uva Province                                                

District : Badulla

Popular for : Nature, Waterfalls, Ella Rock 

Weather : 26 °C


ELLA 208 KM (129 Miles) From Colombo

Ella is holy with some of the loveliest views, you could find in Sri Lanka. Only 8 km from Bandarawela, this small town is used as a base for plenty of hiking expeditions to the surrounding countryside. A perception of the breathtaking scenery of Ella could be had, if you just walk into the Garden of the Grand Ella Motel, where you seem to be standing at the edge of the world, and everything around you seems to disappear at your feet.

Ravana Ella Falls

The Ravana falls is one of the widest falls in Sri Lanka and is one of the most prevalent fascinations. It is connected to the Hindu epic, Ramayana, a historic tale that covers over India and Sri Lanka. The falls is said to have been named after the famous king, King Ravana. The story goes that King Ravana kidnapped Princess Seeta from India and hid her in the caves behind the waterfall. It is also said the Seeta bathed in a pool of water that was collected with the water that fell from the fall. The caves behind the fall are known as the Ravana Ella Caves.

Ella Rock

Ella Rock is one of the famous places in Ella, a place which is becoming increasingly touristy and even brands itself as a 'tourist town'. Offering scenic views of the Ella Gap, the hike is an arduous upward climb and you have to enjoy among tea estates, hills, and tall shrubs.

Little Adam’s Peak

Little Adam’s peak is the beautiful tourism site in Sri Lanka, we are considering the word ‘Little’,it is named after the sacred Adams Peak regarding the similarity between the two mountains. Therefore the mountain was called as Little Adams Peak.“Punchi Sri Pada” is another name for the Little Adam’s peak. Little Adam’s Peak attracts many tourists who come to Sri Lanka.

Ravana Cave

This is related to Rama Seeta story and people consider it as a Ramayana site. These tunnels prove beyond doubt the architectural brilliance of King Ravana. The tunnels served as a quick means of transport through the mountains and also as a secret passage. They networked all the important cities, airports and dairy farms for their strategies.

Adventure Activities

Ella is one of the most attractive sites for a vacation of adventure. Ella offers a best of sports and activities for the adventurous like canoeing, Paragliding, hiking and trekking to bird watching etc. Some of the other activities are rock climbing camping, caving, fishing, mountain biking, train tours and wildlife safaris.