Bentota is dominated by package tourism but the hotels are somewhat newer and more sophisticated. The best stand in splendid island on the narrow peninsula between the Bentota River and the sea, with palm-fringed beaches on both the seaward and river sides.

Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery

About 5 km south of Bentota, at the fishing hamlet of Kosgoda, the turtle hatchery releases thousands of hatchlings, mainly green and Oliver ridley turtles, into the wild. With the help of donations it is currently rebuilding after the tsunami, but welcomes all visitors to view this year’s hatchlings.

Adventure Water sports

Bentota, a mere 2 hours away from Colombo and hails as a premier resort town with no less than 15 Star class Hotels clustered together plus numerous other less than 10 rooms boutique style hotels with Sun, surf and sand. This gives the visitor an ideal chance to stay in one and savor many different above water activities, Bentota has always been renowned as the water sport capital of Sri Lanka with the hoteliers in the area actively promoting water sports from adrenaline filled speed boat and jet ski riding, wind surfing, boogie boarding, water skiing, kite surfing, to a leisurely ride on a banana boat for the family & kids.

Windsurfing Beginner Course (8 hours) - US$ 130

VDWS (International Certificate) - US$ 50

Intensive Course (3 hours) - US$ 60

Board Hire - One Hour (Sea) - US$ 25

Board Hire - One Hour (River) - US$ 15

Water/Mono Skiing/Wake Boarding

  • Beginners Course (2 rounds) - US$ 30
  • Normal Round (Max 4 attempts) - US$ 10

Diving (Dec – April)

  • One/Two Dives with Equipment & Dive Computer - US$ 75 / US$ 125
  • Open Water Course (4 days) - US$ 560
  • Discovery Dive - US$ 155
  • PADI Certificate - US$ 55

Wave Surfing/Body Boarding

  • Beginners Course (3 hours) - US$ 60
  • Board Hire (per hour) - US$ 10
  • Board Hire (half day)) - US$ 25
  • Body Board Hire (half day) - US$ 5
  • Body Board Hire (full day) - US$ 12
  • Jet Ski - 700cc 15 minutes - US$ 30
  • Jet Ski – 1100cc 15 minutes - US$ 40
  • Banana Ride - One Round (minimum 4 people) - US$ 10
  • Donut Ride - One Round (minimum 2 people) - US$ 8
  • Canoeing - One Hour - US$ 10

Madu River Boat Ride

Madu Ganga is located in Balapitiya, 80 km away from Colombo, close to Sri Lankas southern costal belt. This wetland spreads over 900 hectares of area and most of it covered with water. There are totally 64 islands in Madu Ganga. This tour will take around 2.5 to 3 hours and it’s advisable to bring drinking water, Sunglasses and hats. Some boats have adjustable roofing covers.

During your boat ride, you can see huge mangrove forest by the river banks. Boats will ride under short tunnel, which is made out of mangrove. You can see many birds and animals that are living in this aquatic environment. The main occupancy of the villagers is fishing. Some of them are doing the tradition industries such as cinnamon processing.

Kraal Fishing

This method is sometimes referred as "Jaa Kotu". You can see many setups constructed for Kraal fishing. They are usually made out of Bamboo. Some areas these nets are extended occupies larger areas of the river so boats has to ride carefully.

Fish Therapy

This was introduced to Madu Ganga several years ago. It seems now there are several Fish Therapy places by this river. Different types of fish are put in to tanks, which are floating on the river. Visitors can immerse their feet to these tanks and fish stats biting. You will feel ticklish when they nibble your dead skin on the feet.